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Who We Are

In today’s always-on world, connectivity is a must.

Competing in the ‘age of the customer’ depends on being able to connect with your customers anytime, anywhere and in any way that they choose.

But how can you have joined-up conversations with customers if your systems don’t talk to each other? Orbital’s niche focus is connecting the systems that matter, so you can connect with the people who matter.

We have specialised in integration since we were founded in 1997, maturing our offerings over the past seven years to meet the demands of today’s connected customers.

With connectivity success stories that span a huge range of industries, we have grown into a centre of excellence for integration solutions in the UK.


A Powerful Combination

orbital-guysWe’ve been working with IBM since 1997 and have forged a powerhouse partnership.

Orbital bring niche expertise and agility, IBM bring world-leading software and cutting-edge R&D. This is the secret behind our customer success stories, including the UK’s first IBM Cast Iron (cloud integration) project.

In recognition of our achievements we won IBM Software Business Partner of the Year 2013.

This followed our award for IBM’s Partner of the Year Award for Marketing in 2012.

Orbital is a respected Partner of IBM. They have demonstrated great skill creating and marketing excellent business solutions built on IBM Software. They deliver true value to their clients.

Orbital In Action

If you live in central Edinburgh you can now access all online public services, from any device with a single sign-on.

For Avis, we’re building an integration layer that links their US and European businesses; the beginnings of a connected global service.

At Flybe, Europe’s Largest Airline, we implemented a more robust platform; giving customers a better booking experience and enabling the airline to better maximise its margins.

We’re also working with the likes of Sophos, Deutsche Bank, the Bank of England and Oxfam to meet the demands of their connected audiences.

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